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Re-Bagged: First Collection

Ready-made tops, shopping bags Sizes: Small, Medium, Large

Re-Bagged: First Collection consists of a series of wearables that integrate ready-made tops with the signature shopping bags they were purchased in. Various strategies are employed to insert each shopping bag (sometimes even including the receipt and change) into the garment it contained, creating pouches, sleeves, skirts, hoods and adjustable design elements. Dissolving the boundaries between container and contained, Re-Bagged: First Collection collapses the increments of seductive marketing that draw out the public display of the commodity. This collection amplifies our consumer culture’s emphasis on packaging, brand names and logos and ultimately issues of waste and recycling.

Re-Bagged: First Collection, Voorkamer, Lier, Belgium

Re-Bagged: First Collection, Silo, New York

Dress Code, College Art Gallery, The College of New Jersey, Ewing

Dress Code, LMAK projects, New York

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